Vice President of Finance

Tiplinks Inc DBA Fetcher
New York City, New York
Aug 20, 2019
Sep 19, 2019
Finance Industry
Corporate Finance
Government & Institutions
Finance Officer
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Vice President of Finance: Direct Fetcher’s financial operations and strategies, including fiscal planning, investment management, and operational performance. Examine the company’s historical financial data to determine its value, and recommend and negotiate investing and capital lending with business partners and banks. Generate and analyze reports for cost–benefit analysis, quarterly and annual industrial and economic forecasting needs, and budget management. Develop detailed financial models and pro-forma financial statements using regression analysis, multi-variate analysis, pivot tables, macros, probability distribution curves, risk management tools, statistical software, and relational database management applications. Use reports to assess the profitability, solvency, liquidity, and stability of the quarterly and annual performance of Fetcher. Prepare the annual budget, and monitor key dates to ensure all investments, projects, deliverables, and developments are processed and completed in a timely manner. Work with the CEO to establish financial goals that drive domestic and international growth, and report progress to leadership. Manage and execute financial strategic projects in marketing, finance, sales, customer support, software development, and operations in order to maximize revenue, reduce costs, and maintain the company’s financial budget. Provide the CEO with fiscally sound business intelligence and fiscal strategies that will inform top-level decision making. Oversee all accounting functions, including billing, Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), General Ledger (GL), and quarterly closes. Review monthly reporting packages, schedules, cash, receipts, cash disbursements, commissions, and bonuses. Oversee audits and the preparation of taxes. Ensure fiscal strategies, financial systems, fundamental recordkeeping, and financial reporting comply with federal, state, and local regulations.

Requirements: Master’s Degree in Business Administration or Finance and one year of work experience in a management/finance position. The position requires skills and knowledge in Financial Analysis, Budgeting, Forecasting, and Reporting; Pricing Strategy, Financial Statement Analysis, Regression Analysis, Multi-Variate Analysis, Probability Distribution Curves, Pivot Tables, and R Language. Limited international travel to Venezuela, Argentina, and the Philippines.

40 hours/week. Job Interview Site: New York, NY. Email Resume to: Tiplinks, Inc. DBA Fetcher at